Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Rihards Olups has over 10 years of experience in IT. Zabbix Network Monitoring – Kindle edition by Rihards Olups. as some of zabbix forum participants might have noticed, there’s a recently published book on zabbix – “Zabbix Network Monitoring “. Zabbix already supported network discovery, and now brings both improvements to the network.

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Zabbix supports network maps where monitored environment can entwork laid out on a background image to provide user friendly overview. Windows eventlog entries now can be filtered by type, source and event ID on the agent side. It makes possible very effective remote monitoring of network devices, appliances and servers without use of Zabbix Agent.

Trigger view is widely used to display list of current problems, and it was possible to display recent events for all the problems, limited by day count. Previously employed by a government agency, Rihards was mostly involved in open source software deployment, ranging from server to desktop-grade software, with a big emphasis on Zabbix.

Network discoveryavailable in previous versions, has received multiple improvements.

Cuddletech | Review: Zabbix Network Monitoring

Personally, I think this was very important as future Monktoring admins can figure out where in the book to look, based on where they are in their Netwofk deployment process. Now history strings change appropriately. The new tool make it easier than it was in my day, but there is so only so much that the tool can do it and it barely scratches the surface of the trigger expression system.

See the installation section for new installations. What You Will Learn Monitor servers that runs on most Unix-like operating systems, including Linux, AIX, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris, as well as Windows boxes Use proxies to monitor remote locations Visualize gathered data with graphs, pie charts, network maps, and other elements Directly monitor your SNMP v1, 2, and 3 and IPMI devices Monitor any possible source of data with flexible user parameters Simplify and streamline your Zabbix configuration using templates Monitor your network by creating reports and charts using the built-in reporting capabilities of Zabbix Learn about the best options for showing data on a large display for help desk or technical personnel.

Books by Rihards Olups. First comment I have is regarding the handling of the different item collector types.

This book covers setting up Zabbix from the scratch and gradually introduces basic components of Zabbix, moving to more advanced topics later. I have mixed feelings about this book. New report category, bar reports, allows to look at the data from many different angles. There is no lengthy flow of abstract BS, its essentially a systematic walkthrough of Zabbix from beginning to end. Simplifying Complex Configuration with Templates. While at Zabbix, he helped Zabbix users and customers get the most value out of the monitoring tool and was responsible for delivering Zabbix training sessions that have been described by some participants as extremely practical and quite challenging.

questions after reading “Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring” book

Zabbix truly is the state of the art in monitoring…. To reduce amount of data that users have to retrieve from webserver when using Zabbix frontend, all PNG images have been recompressed for optimal size.

Articles are left ntework all over the place and it is really annoying. Instead of prioritising some arbitrary point in time, depending on graph scale, actual netsork in time like change of a day are prioritised.

I installed the same version as zabbix sever, 1. The author’s experience with Zabbix enables him to share insights on using Zabbix effectively, in a clear and friendly way. Java 7 Concurrency Cookbook. Edmondas rated it really liked it Oct 13, To avoid such situations this book will teach you to monitor your network hardware, servers, and web performance using Zabbix- an open source system monitoring and reporting solution.

Oct 10, Wayne rated it liked it Shelves: This allows to add new hosts for monitoring without any manual server configuration for each individual host. Debug mode ndtwork be enabled on user group basis.

Several completely new items have appeared. Custom graphs, along with a couple simplistic reports, allow to look at the data in context. New Topics Today’s Posts. I received the book last night when I got home from work.

Zabbix 1.8 Network Monitoring

The option can be used to migrate older historical data from other monitoring tools to Zabbix database for graphing and long-term analysis. Thanks for networ us about the problem. For services where it’s appropriate, port interval support has been added. And then suddenly your phone rings — one of the servers you administer has gone down, and it needs to 1. back up before tomorrow morning. The writing and editing problems never got better, and it remained painful to read.

For a GUI minor visual change can bring large benefits to the user. Currently SSH and telnet cannot be used in actions, this functionality will be available in future releases. User Tools Log In. All configuration steps that are required to reach goals are explained in detail that should leave no reader stuck. Rihards Zabnix No preview available – Now all parameters are included, and their default values, as well as allowed ranges, are documented. Zabbix graphs monitlring or charts – usually display time on x axis.

Clicking the icon opens the popup to allow copying of the message.

Zabbix Network Monitoring | PACKT Books

Based on discovery events, two new operations have been added, thus increasing available operation count monitoriing network discovery to While API itself might not be that exciting for casual users, it enables creation of various tools. Zabbix supports monitoring SNMP metrics that have dynamic identifiers.

There are times a little up-front explanation could have been enhanced before just jumping into it and explaining as he goes along. Mostly useful for developers, but can be handy when trying to determine source of a problem for others as well.

As Zabbix proxy shares some code with the server, it has benefited from these changes as well. Drag and drop support. So you drag yourself back to the office, only to discover that some log files have been growing zbabix than usual over the past few weeks moniitoring have filled up the hard drive.

Thanks for your excellent support.