Manache Shlok – 1 to ganadheesh jo eesh sarva gunaancha। mularambh aarambh to nirgunaancha॥ namu sharada mool chatvar vacha। gamu panth. The most popular book ‘Manache Shlok or Manobodh’ includes shloka as defined in the indian culture and provided inspiring messages for everyone. “Shri Manache Shlok” written by Samarth Ramdas Swami. – Manache Shlok with search (Go to specific shlok section) – English Translation – Audio. Read more.

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We are nursing our body with great care but death may destroy it any moment.

Let us understand our true self. We cannot see the truth due to the ego we have. God is kind to become indebted to his devotees for their devotion to him. Such moments devoid of Lord Rama make us feel tired.

Manache shlok by Swami Ramdas I

Goddess Gouri and God Har always remember him. He is most remembered for his Advaita Vedanta Non-dualism text Dasbodh. Let us sail smoothly through the sylok of wordly troubles. Let us not be associated with useless and evil people. Feb 26, Let us always stick to the good behaviour.

||Marathi manAche shlok with meaning ||

He is always there. He descended to earth as Parshurama for the protection of the intellectual class. Let us attain to the state of eternal bliss. But who is the destination of God Har? Let us renounce the cravings for wealth meaninb wife. Greed makes one angry. We should renounce the doership in everything that happens.

Lord Rama has given Upamanyu, a devotee, a place in his abode. Let others receive benefit out of our sufferings. He who sees God becomes blissful. Those who are fully devoted to Lord Rama are protected by him. Let us be full of devotion, love and peace. Thatswhy we should also remember him.

We will always feel sad if we have lot of expectations. Let us never long for other’s wealth and wife.

But his mind experiences uneasiness. Let us always understand others. This is what has been stated by Maharishi Vyas. Therefore we should respectfully remember Lord Rama. We are not capable of dispelling confusion from our mind. Let us try to realise our true self. Let us shun false imaginations. Let us be neaning and devoted while working with the people. He should have a good and indepth knowledge.

Let us dwell on the eternal spirit in our mind. If we move in this manner then we will realise God. Let us attain manachee by dwelling our mind on Shri Hari. Let us start all our work by chanting Shri Ram.