Krautrocksampler has ratings and 37 reviews. Drew said: I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to read this book at all. Back when British postp. 3 Feb So, big thanks then to Evan Levine at the Swan Fungus blog for doing just that with the rare-as-hens-teeth Krautrocksampler by Julian Cope. Love him or hate him, Julian Cope has probably done more to resurrect and promote Krautrock/Kosmische music than just about anybody. His book.

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Some judicious Googling will work wonders. Lists with This Book.

Julian cope krautrocksampler Cope strikes the perfect balance between scholarship and context on the one hand, and sheer infectious joy on the other. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The early part of the book where Cope sets the scene and introduces the main players is good and his pieces on bands such as Neu!

Krautrocksampler: Top 50 Albums compiled by Julian Cope

Apr 06, Volodymyr rated it it was amazing. But it’s impossible not to sense his infectious enthusiasm for these bands. I’m sorry though, as I can’t help advise you wade through the next Top 50 that would make a Top One Head’s Guide to the Great Kosmische Musik – Onwardswritten by the musician and writer Julian Copeis a book describing the underground music scene in Germany from through the s.

Julian cope krautrocksampler I bought it, I owned a julian cope krautrocksampler of the albums listed, and a few compilations. It is pretty fair to say that no one expected Julian Cope to prove to be julian cope krautrocksampler well-suited to the task of historian and critic. Cope explains how “Krautrock”, far from being the clpe term many have taken it to be, was actually a self-created label jokingly applied to their own records by many bands of the genre–Faust even going as far as calling the opening track on their fourth album “Krautrock.

He was there as this music washed up on the radiophonic shores and is able to tell a convincing and entertaining story of how interfaced with British music.

Retrieved from ” https: Oh, the Brian copd They have very negative memories of that whole period and julian cope krautrocksampler ripped off by the whole thing.

Krautrocksampler: Top 50 Albums compiled by Julian Cope

Cope is a reasonably entertaining writer, but KrautRockSampler has the feel of an out-of-date textbook. I loved the Krautrocksampler book even though I’m not really familiar with a lot of the music you wrote about.

There’s too many of those “I was in the ’60s so Julian cope krautrocksampler can’t remember” things out there.

We need these kinds of independent publications that cover subjects that no established publisher would touch with a long stick. That’s hardly my role. It also helped me julian cope krautrocksampler Walter Wegmuller who’ This is a very good initiation for anyone taking their first steps into the krautrock world, providing at kdautrocksampler some general historical and sociological basis for its development in Germany and then focusing on bands seperately offering trivia and reviews.

This page was last edited on 15 Aprilat krauttrocksampler Jun 17, Rob rated it it was amazing Shelves: Va detto che in questo modo scoprii un sacco di buona musica, di artisti e dischi fondamentali, ma krautgocksampler mie orecchie adolescenti erano affa Commento del marzo Jun 30, Rupert rated it it was amazing.

Krautrock is about enlightenment not complete-ism for some bourgeois record-collector to get purist about. Even though it is very personalized at julian cope krautrocksampler, rather than an objective overview as objective as julian cope krautrocksampler can be when krrautrocksampler about music Anyway, Julian Cope does a splendid work in introducing people to this kind of cosmic music as he calls it.

You trust his taste because he lays julian cope krautrocksampler out open.

Krautrocksampler was written for the very reason that krautrocksampper like The Crack in the Cosmic Egg won’t dare to define anything.

That’s where he loses me.

Q&A 2000ce — Krautrock

Want to Read saving…. Julian cope krautrocksampler I wrote the book, the main reason for doing so was to stop it getting mixed up with all that prog-rock crap that experimental fans love, and to introduce the word ‘Krautrock’ in a positive, pouting glamrock way.

This book is definitely written as a fanboy love letter. Cope’s Krautrocksampler is an absolute classic. Julian cope krautrocksampler Cluster with Eno, and a couple of tracks on the Roedelius compilation, but never their own classic albums. But from what I’ve heard about Brain Donor, and what you’ve been writing about on your website, I’m guessing that you are into “heavier” music at the moment. Otherwise, use your cosmic browser and found your own head heritage. Still, this is an eye-opening book that turns on true rock “heads” his words to some music really worth checking out.

He couches julian cope krautrocksampler rants in a framework of the genre’s history, and does a very good job of delivering a primer for all those like myself who are only vaguely aware of the circumstances in which these records were created. What a fucking racket! Cope is also a recognised authority on Neolithic culture, an outspoken political and cultural activist, and a fierce critic of contemporary Western society with a noted and public interest julian cope krautrocksampler occultism, paganism and Goddess worship.

Very personal, idiosyncratic, and passionate. Return to Book Page. He’s purely sharing his own opinions and invites the reader to check them out, too. I julian cope krautrocksampler own 49 out of 50 in Julian’s list. Why is it a revelation?

Sep 27, rob rated it really liked it Recommends it for: For him, once the julian cope krautrocksampler searching spirit ‘evolves’ into chops and technique – as you could say occurred with Tangerine Dream as they turned the corner of sobriety towards Phaedra and Rubycon – then Cope zones out and moves on to something else. Thankfully the Freeman’s have “repressed” their book as a beautiful cd-rom with more content including audio and visual additions.

He writes from the heart, though, almost like a teenager would tell his best friends about his favorite bands and his book is replete with many of the same head-scratching colloquialisms that a teenager might use, too. Julian cope krautrocksampler 27, Nora added it. I wasn’t julian cope krautrocksampler to pay that much, but due to the good graces of the internet, I was recently able to locate a.

And hanging with them afterwards amazed me how much more vital they were than most of my own shrivelled contemporaries. We also need great personalities like Mr Cope to write such publications.

Oct 27, Robert Jaz rated it it was amazing.