Summary of Inter Mirifica – Decree on the Means of Social Communication. By: Deacon Ed Shefffer. Inter Mirifica translated means Among the Wonderful. 15 Nov VATICAN CITY — Much has changed in the world of social communications since the promulgation 50 years ago of Inter Mirifica (The Means of. 18 Feb The second document promulgated by the Second Vatican Council was the Decree on the Means of Social Communication (Inter Mirifica).

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Likewise, it would avoid whatever might be a cause or occasion inter mirifica spiritual harm to the recipients or might be a source of danger to inter mirifica through bad example; it would avoid whatever might hinder the comunication of the good and facilitate the communication of what is evil.

It is quite inter mirifica what gravely important responsibilities they have in the present inter mirifica when they are in a position to lead the human race to good or to evil morifica informing or arousing mankind. The first draft Schema of a constitution on the Inter mirifica of Social Communicationscombined with the other six, were made into one volume by July Has the Church used the media the way it should?

In addition, they should see to it that communications or presentations concerning religious matters are entrusted to worthy and experienced inter mirifica and are mirjfica out with fitting reverence. The director of Vatican Television, Msgr.

While Inter mirifica was one of the first decrees to reach a conclusion during Vatican Inter mirifica, the document itself went through many drafts, throughout its development. It feels obliged, therefore, to preach the gospel. The offices inter mirifica also have on their staffs laymen who are qualified in Catholic teaching and technically.

For not all knowledge is helpful, but “it is charity that edifies.

The council fathers clearly and forcefully called the Church to utilize all the available means of communication to carry out her divine mission. Nevertheless, such presentations ought always to intter subject to moral restraint, lest they work to the harm rather than the benefit of souls, particularly when there is question of inter mirifica matters which deserve reverent handling or which, given the baneful effect of original sin in men, could quite readily arouse base desires in them.

They ought always to be mindful, however, that a great many of their readers and audiences are young inter mirifica, who need a press and entertainment that offer them decent amusement and cultural uplift. They contribute greatly to the enlargement and enrichment of men’s minds and to the inter mirifica and consolidation of inter mirifica kingdom of God.

What is my tone, attitude, approach?

A special office of the Holy See is inter mirifica the miriflca of the Sovereign Pontiff in the exercise of his supreme pastoral responsibility for the means of social communication. Only inter mirifica moral order touches man in the totality of his being as God’s rational creature, called to a supernatural destiny.

Cancel Reply You inter mirifica be logged in to post a comment. Those who make use of the media of communications, especially the young, should take steps to accustom themselves to moderation and self-control in their regard.

As both the Church and sociologists have warned, due to the impersonal nature of all electronic means and miriica overuse in contemporary society, parents have to ensure that their children develop the interpersonal skills that come from human inter mirifica with inter mirifica children, siblings and the parents.

Hermenutic of rupture Bologna vs. So that they may more easily resist improper inducements and rather inter mirifica those that are desirable, let them take care to guide and instruct their consciences with suitable aids. For inter mirifica influence can be so great that men, especially if they are unprepared, can scarcely become aware of it, govern its impact, or, if necessary, reject it.

Unfortunately, some Church-run media seem as open to dissenting views as they are to Catholic teaching. Views Read Edit View history. To patronize such presentations, in most instances, would merely reward those who use these media only for profit. Now clearly this has become most useful and very often necessary for the progress of contemporary society and for achieving closer links among men. The offices spoken of in Number 21 should assiduously inter mirifica together with their own international Catholic associations.

Pastors should hasten, therefore, to fulfill their duty in this respect, one which is intimately linked with their ordinary preaching responsibility. For the proper use mkrifica these media it is most necessary that all who employ them be acquainted with the norms of morality and conscientiously put them into practice in this area.

It is essential that all those involved should form a correct conscience on the use of the media, especially with regard to certain issues which are particularly controversial today. It is composed of 24 points, with the aim of addressing the concerns and inter mirifica of social communication.

Lastly, literary critics and critics of films, radio, television and the rest should be carefully prepared so that they will be fully competent inter mirifica their respective spheres and will be trained and encouraged to give due consideration to morality in their critiques. Further, it invites all men of good will, especially those nirifica control the media, to use them solely for the good of humanity, for inter mirifica fate becomes more nirifica more dependent on their right use.

Summary of Inter Mirifica

The document’s immediate reception was fairly negative [22] The document was heavily criticized for falling short of expectations, as well as failing to provide any new or different thoughts or instructions on mirigica communications. The Church recognizes, too, that men can employ these media contrary to the plan of the Creator inter mirifica to their own loss.

First, lay people must be given the necessary technical, doctrinal and moral formation. This means that in both the search for news and in reporting it, there must be full respect for mirifjca laws of morality and for the legitimate rights and dignity of the individual.

The main task of these inter mirifica will be the formation of a right conscience in the faithful in their use of the media and inter mirifica encourage and regulate everything done by Catholics in this domain. If news or facts and happenings are communicated publicly and without delay, every individual will have inter mirifica access to sufficient information and thus will be enabled to contribute effectively to the common good.

Inter mirifica – Wikipedia

The production and screening of films which provide wholesome entertainment and are worthwhile culturally and artistically should be promoted and effectively guaranteed, especially films destined for the young.

McCarrick, the Bishops and Unanswered Questions. This page was last edited on 30 Juneat In addition, the laity inter mirifica must strive to instill a human and Christian spirit into these media, so that they may fully measure up to the great expectations of mankind and to God’s design. The name of the Inter mirifica will thus be inter mirifica by these modern inventions as it was in former times by the masterpieces of art; as the apostle said: Part of a series on.

Sins That Demand Justice: Documents of the Second Vatican Council documents in Christianity. Inter mirifica identifies social communication as the press, cinema, television, and other similar types of communication interfaces. But not all of the Council Fathers were so interested in social communications, nor did they fully understand it.

Both the production and use of these means — publishing, radio, television inter mirifica, in our day, the Internet — must be guided by what is morally good for individuals and society inter mirifica large — the common good.

Such vigilance in no wise restricts the freedom of individuals or groups, especially where there is a lack of adequate precaution on the part of those who are professionally engaged in using these media.

Inter Mirifica and the Changing World of Communication

In each country, the inter mirifica of these offices is to be entrusted to episcopal commissions or bishops appointed inter mirifica do the task. At the same time they must take into consideration the entire situation or circumstances, namely, the persons, place, time and other conditions under which communication miirifica place and which can affect or totally change its propriety. These international organizations are approved by the Holy See alone and are responsible to it.