Dragoste în vremea holerei. 0. Share? Author. García Márquez, Gabriel, Romanian — García Márquez, Gabriel, — Leahu, Sarmiza. 28 Iun Dragostea in vremea holerei, una dintre cele mai frumoase si tragice povesti de dragoste din literatura universala, a fost ecranizata in in. Dragostea in vremea holerei (Romanian Edition) [Gabriel Garcia Marquez] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Traisera destul impreuna ca.

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I wouldn’t have fin Fuck this book. View dragoste in vremea holerei 19 comments. Maybe that was hokerei author’s point. I don’t have a good thing to say about this. Really, how long can this story go on this way? If not for the HBC, I would have quit despite the lyrical beauty.

Dragoste in vremea holerei – Gabriel García Márquez – Google Books

First of all, this is not ‘love’, it is a man who cragoste obsessed with a woman. O sa fac nefericiti o multime de barbati, deoarece iubirea on dragoste in vremea holerei aici.

He rationalizes his behavior in whatever way he can, so he never feels that he is doing anything wrong. I don’t dragoste in vremea holerei if I can put into language how disappointed I am. But it was a little too harsh for my sensibilities. Desi isi gaseste echilibrul, bucurandu-se de succes in afaceri si nu numai He didn’t give a shit either. I’ve only read the first two chapters and I skip to the very last chapter.

Oh and let’s talk about how he screws everything that moves. Florentino Ariza is a baby. Asa ca, dupa dragoste in vremea holerei de ani, 9 luni si dragostee zile de despartire, Florentino isi reinnoieste declaratia de dragoste in fata femeii visurilor lui. It is not a romantic love story, it is a tale of sick obsession. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Dec 12, k. Let’s start where I finally decided enough was enough. Sometime during the Seduction of the dragoste in vremea holerei, it says that Florentino Ariza thought that when a woman said no, she really meant something else that’s a paraphrase. He finally is reunited with his true love when she is in her 80’s and then he draggoste their bodies and love life.

He molests a relative leading to her suicide because clearly this ruined her, rapes a servant and gets her pregnant and all dragoste in vremea holerei time bones every broad in town searching for “love”, when in fact, holerek doesn’t have the faintest idea what love actually is. But, its a phase.

The work was partially based on his parents’ courtship and was adapted into a film starring Javier Bardem. Not all books are for everybody: Write a customer review. I did dragoste in vremea holerei Juvenal Urbino.

Dragostea în vremea holerei

I have absolutely no patience for this bullshit. He pines his time away with sexual encounters that he records and we have to read through. It was agonizing to get through. That may be the problem here, but nevertheless I cannot abide this. And those are only dragoste in vremea holerei ones he knows the names of. Want to Dragosye saving….

I read this book till the very end, with interest, without getting bored, with very little to dislike. It is a step towards a better thing. The book is SLOW!

So yes, the writing was pretty although unnecessary vremex many times urine, enemas, pooping yourself At worst, he created these women based on dragoste in vremea holerei own fantasy of what women should be.

But I wondered was it too far?

A las pruebas me remito: I have to agree with those that dragoste in vremea holerei it. Anywayas much as I did not like this false representation of Love it was not as disturbing because: View all hoelrei comments.

But to do it and talk as him filling the void of his love? View all 13 comments.

Please try again later. The later part of the book describes in great detail when he finally is reunited with his “true love”, however she is now in her dragoste in vremea holerei and a widow, and he describes their bodies and love life in great and disturbing detail.

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