Sputiamo su Hegel e altri scritti has 31 ratings and 3 reviews. soulAdmitted said: Riconosciamo a noi stesse la capacità di fare di questo attimo una mod. Carla Lonzi, Sputiamo su Hegel e altri scritti [We Spit on Hegel and Other role they assume in the feminist debate of her time: Sputiamo su Hegel (Spit on. 14 mag rivolta femminile fondatrici lonzi accardi herstory femminismo luoghi Nel pubblica Sputiamo su Hegel di Carla Lonzi che provoca.

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Carla Lonzi

In Julythe walls of Rome became a canvas for a manifesto based on the “Manifesto di Rivolta Femminile” [2]drafted by Lonzi, Accardi, and Banotti earlier that year. Retrieved from ” https: Beatrice rated it it was amazing Sep 24, At first I was accused of dialectical ability by the people who wanted to knock up thoughts at a lower level: So I got to feminism, and that has been my party.

She sutiamo she wanted to finally get rid of the residue that the passage through the masculine world had left on her. They put all their faith in the proletariat as the bearer of the revolutionary moment. Anne Waters – – Hypatia 18 2: This was important to Lonzi who had a particular interest in writing and publishing.

Therefore men, after preventing [women] from living love, offer to them its symbol as an object.

History of Western Philosophy. What is interesting in her conceptual and political operation is the total absence of a need to fight patriarchy with its own weapons: The sublimation involved in artmaking is politically unacceptable to Lonzi. This is lonzu story about counterinsurgency as well as community organizing. Your email subscription is almost complete.

Many characters, although they bear fictitious names, are recognizable: The victory of the clitoris over the vagina as an act of women’s liberation”.

The Diary is largely an experiment with relationships, as well as an exploration of female sexuality and a spitiamo of truth.

This entry has no external links. This frustrated my efforts to communicate. Sometimes gegel can become exasperated: Plastic is the very idea of its infinite transformation … it is ubiquity made visible … it is less a thing than the trace of a movement.

In addition, “Autorittrato” highlights issues of identity construction which remerge in her feminist work.

We Are All Clitoridian Women: Notes on Carla Lonzi’s Legacy – Journal #47 September – e-flux

Pietro Consagra, her companion of many years; Carla Accardi, with whom she founded Rivolta Femminile 4 ; her sister Marta, who was also part spugiamo the group. In the poem, the paratactic series of duties that characterize the life of a cultivated bourgeois woman—from feeding her children to translating Plato, from buying clothes to fulfilling social obligations—is chaotically enumerated, to show how meaningless such an effort can be.

Sign in to use this feature. Refresh and try again. Donna Oggi in Italia. Wu enter a void of historical erasure, of fabricated narratives and convenient amnesia. Women who have tried to do so by themselves have endured such stress that their lives have been shortened by it.

Eugenia Hernandez rated it really liked it Jul 17, Subjectivity zu by the practice of feminist consciousness-raising autocoscienza is the true protagonist of the book. Women realize brutally that the fading of their physical freshness awakens, in the best case, a form of tolerance that avoids or delays erotic exclusion.

Meryl Altman – – Hypatia: Gaetana Cazora Russo – – De Luca. Science Logic and Mathematics.

Sputiamo su Hegel e altri scritti

Views Read Edit View history. Lonzi found married life straining. When confronted by her legacy, we find ourselves in an uncomfortable position, where we run the risk of repatriating it and taming it or being dangerously affected by it.

Through the gesture of classifying women according to their libidinal metabolism, Lonzi brings forward the brutality of feminine sexual organs and their hidden connection to our political hhegel. Through feminism I freed myself from the inferiority-culpability of being clitoridian … and I accused men of everything.